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  • Introduction of League


    2017 is the first year of human digital economy. Bitcoin rose more than 20 times and the ICO market broke out. The digital economy market scale has risen from about US$10 billion to nearly US$400 billion. Bitcoin futures, which was launched on December 18, 2012, are also declaring that encrypted tokens have officially entered the mainstream and entered the mainstream financial market. Behind this flashy, however, is the gradual tightening of policing tokens by various countries. It is the unevenness and even stigmatization of ICO. It is a fierce debate on the digital economy from all walks of life. Everything shows that the digital economy market is still in its infancy. More than 200 years ago in 1792, 24 stockbrokers gathered under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street. It was the beginning of the New York Stock Exchange, and human securities trading gradually became more formal. Today, the booming and chaotic digital economy also needs the “new-year tree agreement” in the new era. Therefore, we gathered in Tokyo and gathered representatives from various parties such as exchanges, investors, lawyers, audit institutions, and digital economic projects that are interested in the development of a standardized digital economy, and established an international digital economic alliance.

  • League Member


    board chairman

    Kazuyuki Hamada


    Vice Chairman

    日野 由美子

    哲学博士(侯) 日本时装设计师 一般社団法人日本国際経済文化促進協会 会長,全日本美食協会 会長,中国国際教育电视局报道频道日本代表

    Super Adviser

    Masahira Hino

    法学博士,三菱中国研究会会长,德岛县政府中国战略大使,湖南省人民政府海外特别代表,中国华信区块链研究院 高级顾问

    Executive member

    Charles Xue

    Manzi VC is founded by famous angel investor Charles Xue, mainly invested in seed entrepreneurs angel round, and serious A round. Classic investment includes PCPOP, Snowball of finance and economics, Autohome, 51 credit card. Mr. Xue is also the first mainstream VC to start in blockchain since 2014.

    Executive member

    Lao Mao


    Executive member

    Danny Deng

    Danny Deng is the Chairman of Tai Cloud Corp. The 2017 Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Danny was the head
    of the China Blockchain

    Executive member

    Chen Li



    Kaduitoshi Takeda


    Executive member

    Haruhiko Matsui

    グローシップ・パートナーズ株式会社 代表取締役社長

    Executive member

    Xin Ma



    上中 淳行

    公认会计师,税务师。德勤审计10年经 、FISCO创投联合创始人,成功IPO。其后社交网站公司上市辅导,


    Tongjian Sun

    BC College founder COO; business consultant, full stack engineer  


    Rose Sun

    Miss Rose Sun is the managing partner of Bica Blockchain Fund, one of the earliest investor for vechain. Bica invested in more than 20 projects since 2017.

    She holds a master degree in finance from IE Business, finance and accounting dual degree from Shanghai Finance University.

  • Industry Service

    日本官方指导,交易所,项目方,研发机构,技术企业,学 术交流,媒体, 律师,审计等全方位服务。

    Offline Communication


    Exhibition Concession


    Technical Learning Class


    ICO Assessment


    Block Chain Technology Support


  • Statutes


    Rights and obligations

    Responsibilities of alliance members:

    1. Participate in internal conferences and activities of the alliance;
    2. Understand the overall situation of alliance development;
    3. Have the right to know and advise on proposals related to the development of the alliance;
    4. Obtain relevant information and industry consulting services;
    5. Election of members of the Board of Directors.

    Responsibilities of board members:

    In addition to the obligations that the members of the alliance should perform, the board members also have the following rights and obligations:

    1. Election of executive director and chairman;
    2. Attendance of at least three or more meetings or activities of the coalition organization throughout the year;
    3. Attendance of at least half of the directors’ working meetings;
    4. Obligations required by other relevant agreements;
    5. Advise and vote on major issues in the alliance.

    Responsibilities of the standing director:

    1. Election of the vice chairman of the coalition;
    2. Make overall plans for all kinds of exchange activities within a certain period of the alliance;
    3. Review the financial budget and final accounts;
    4. Review the major issues in the operation of the alliance;
    5. Has proposal and voting rights for the various rules and regulations of the alliance;
    6. Guide the major activities within the alliance;
    7. Rights granted by other related agreements.



    Board motion system

    Issues related to the development of the alliance are decided by the council. The council can adopt the form of the organization of the on-site conference, and can also take the form of telephone conferences and other forms according to actual needs. The specific implementation will be implemented by the secretariat according to the choice of council issues. The council’s motion shall be proposed jointly by three or more directors, entrusted to the secretariat to formulate and submit the bill to the council for deliberation. The motion of the council shall be voted by all the directors attending the meeting, and will take effect after more than half of the votes passed.


    Fund management

    1. Sources of Funds
    • Member dues (as below)
    • Donations
    • Revenue from activities or services within the approved business scope
    • Interest revenue
    • Other legal income

    Directors of standing agencies: one-off dues of RMB 200,000 yuan, director of the organization: one-time payment of RMB 50,000 yuan, individual director: one-off dues of RMB 30,000 yuan; observers can attend some of the meetings of the Union without charge. In principle, dues will increase modestly each year. If the director is a service organization, such as an auditor or a law firm, the director may pay the fee by providing equal service.


    1. Use of Funds

    All funds should be strictly followed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, adhere to the principles and procedures of openness, transparency, and reasonable compliance. The budget for funds shall be approved by the Board of Directors and be managed by the Secretariat. It shall be used within the scope of the Articles of Association and its relevant rules and may not be used for other purposes.


    1. Financial Management

    Comply with internationally accepted accounting standards and the People’s Republic of China’s financial regulations to ensure that all accounting information is legal, truthful, and complete. Any unit or individual of the assets of this group may not infringe or misappropriate private property.

  • Organizational Structure

    powerful organizational structure

    Senior Adviser



    由理事会员组成,本会的最高决策机构,日中比例保持各50%。 理事会员会费:50万/年。

    Juridical Member






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